Posted by: rinals4184 | November 18, 2007

Send SMS from your computer for FREE!


Hello and welcome to Coolssite!

Are you too boored to send sms from mobile phone and pay about it?

This time I am going to show you how you can send free sms from your computer!

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free smsSo simply follow these steps!

Posted by: rinals4184 | November 15, 2007

What really Christmas is?


So how do you think what is Christmas?

Is it just time to get presents?

Is it time when famaly can get together?

Is it time when Jesus born?

Or meybe its just another day of your life?

For me Christmas are best holiday of all year!

Christmas is time when there is this good feeling inside me…

When Christmas comes I am feeling this good person inside me.

And I let it out only once a year!

I love Christmas drink! Its the best drink ever! Meybe because I drink it once a year =)  But meybe thats what makes it so unique!

Sure I love presents but I’m not one of these kids that think that Christmas is only for presents!

I really love Christmas atmosphere around me!

All these good things what happen! And all these good wishes!

I love Christmas!

And what about you?

Please leave your thoughts about Christmas as comment! Thanks =)